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16000+ Educators will be Recruited by NTS| Announcement by Murad Raas

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Murad Raas educational Minister denies all the rumors about recruiting upcoming educators jobs via Punjab Public Services. Murad Raas Provincial Education Minister of Punjab at the start of August 2022 announced about 16000+ educators jobs and 11000+ nonteaching staff in his press release and on Twitter which we update earlier.

Upcoming 16000+ Educators Jobs 2022| Teaching Jobs for Schools

now on the 26th of August Murad Raas held a press conference at 2:30 PM in which he cleared that Educator recruitment will be held through NTS. In this article, we will read about how NTS recruited educators in previous years 2017 and 2018.

All the rumors of recruiting educators by many effective sources were let down by his press release. He said Educators Teaching and nonteaching staff will be recruited by the NTS national testing services. This recruitment will be held in 3 equal parts and soon these jobs will be announced officially by the authorities.

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Now it is not ambiguous about the Educator’s recruitment policy, It will be held by National Testing services like it was held previously. NTS paper is an MCQ-based test. In NTS there is a weightage of academic marks and NTS numbers and the Punjab School Education department has its own Recruitment policy for 2022, and according to this policy academic weightage will be more than NTS. Anyhow this is only an announcement and when it will be announced officially then the real and authentic recruitment process will be mentioned by the National Testing services and Punjab School Education Department.

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Stay updated with for more information about educators’ jobs.

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Murad Raas also confirmed that the regularization file of educators is in the CM office and soon it will be approved and all the 14000 teachers who are working since 2014 will be regular teachers.

Details about Recruitment by NTS 2018:

According to NTS policy in 2018 candidates of educators selected via NTS had the following methods

  • Matric -16 Marks
  • Intermediate- 16 Marks
  • Graduation- 20 Marks
  • Master- 20 Marks
  • Or BS (Hons) -40 marks
  • Professional Qualifications- 3 Marks

Out of the total marks for all degrees given above, the higher the % of marks you get, the higher the percentage will be for merit.

  • Interview -5 Marks
  • NTS Written Test -100 Marks (20% Add in Merit)

20% of the marks you get in the test will be added to the merit i.e. if you get 60 marks in the test then 12 marks will be added to the merit.

  • Same Tehsil Marks- 4

If you apply in your own tehsil, you will get 4 marks in the merit of your tehsil. If you apply in another tehsil, you will not get the 4 marks of this tehsil

  • Total Merit Marks= 100

Out of total of 100 marks, the one whose merit will be higher will be selected

2017 NTS Recruitment Policy:

  • Matric -13 Marks
  • UC -8 Marks
  • Village -4 Marks
  • Intermediate -15 Marks
  • Graduation- 15 Marks
  • Master- 15 Marks
  • Professional Qualification- 5 Marks
  • Interview- 5 Marks
  • NTS -100 Marks paper
  • (20% Will be Added in Merit)
  • Total Merit Marks= 100

Out of total of 100 marks, the one whose merit will be higher will be selected


This information is based on previous NTS educators’ exams, upcoming exams may or may not be according to it. and this information is collected by the NTS candidates.

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