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How to verify a degree from HEC

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Students in severe need to know about the attestation process for many further developing programs in their career. Many students who have done graduation or post-graduation are in need to verify degrees from the higher education commission. This verification is needed for many purposes for going abroad, in some government or army jobs, Ph.D. programs, and to get equivalence certificates of BS or MS, and some other Miscellaneous purposes. In this article, we will teach you how to get a verification certificate from HEC step by step.

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Attestation will take time and after your confirmation mail send these documents via TCS your attested documents will return back to you. Read this article till the end you will get complete information with details.

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HEC Portal:

Go to the higher education Commission’s official website and click attestation or verification of degrees. HEC makes it completely online for the ease of students

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Registration :

if you are new and non-registered candidates on HEC who do not have any profile then first make your profile on the HEC e-services portal.

Register here

How to Make a Profile:

HEC profile-making process is easy, candidates must have a complete set of documents saved in a folder that will be needed step by step in profile making process.

Sign in to your Portal:

For making a profile on HEC online portal you just have to enter your CNIC, email address, and telephone number after entering these you will get OTP on your email or mobile number. After successfully logging in on the HEC portal you will be able to attestation of your degrees. Remember HEC will use your CNIC as your user name for logging in the portal.

Profile-making process:

Now the main process is going to start that is profile making, which consists of the following steps:

  • Personal details
  • Details of degrees

Personal details:

In personal details, you have to add clear and correct information because this information will be a source if returning back your original documents
In this step, candidates have to add the following information

  • Complete Name
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact information( mailing address, phone number)
  • Nationality info( CNIC, Citizenship)

Details of Degrees:

  • The next process is details of degrees which is also a very important step you have to add information from your matriculations to your current degree that are you going to attest from HEC.
  • then submit the application your profile in the HEC portal will be done and you can use it for many other purposes, you don’t need to make a separate profile for other purposes like verifications, national international scholarships, etc.

Degree Attestation:

  • after logging in to your HEC portal, In the top right, you will get multiple options like home, attestation, verification, etc you will select the option ‘ Attestation’
  • After that, you will get some instructions form and you have to read it carefully because all your profile making will consist of it.
  • You have to accept this and move further
  • The general instructions form will look like this

Degree Attestation Process:

Now the main process is going to start that is degree attestation, which consists of the following steps:

  • Personal details
  • Details of degrees
  • Attestation details
  • Documents upload
  • Verify details
hec attestation process steps

Personal details:

These details are already uploaded on the HEC portal that yu add during the profile-making process

Details of Degrees:

  • The next process is details of degrees which is also a very important step you have to add information and upload the documents only for those degrees that you are going to attest to, if you are going to attest BS degree then you have to upload only BS degree certificate or transcript, or if you wanted to attest your MS/ MBA/ or any other degree of 16 years or 18 years program then you have to add, upload both BS or 14 years final result cards and your final degree program’s transcript (e.g MBA Transcripts)because it will be beneficial for further verification process too.
  • The next important step is that if you have done your graduation from the annual examination and each year of the same degree program has separate mark sheets, not combined ones then you have to add details of both mark sheets not a single one( like the 2-year program containing mark sheets of separate annual results) then candidates are advised to add both year result cards.
  • Click on the degrees that you wanted to attest to and move forward

Identification Questionaire:

Then HEC will ask some identification questions (about 5 questions) to verify your identity you have to simply click YES on all questions if you add the correct information.
And then submit it

HEC Identification Questionnaire

Mode of Attestation:

In the step of Attestation, you will be asked about the mode of attestation

There are two modes of attestation: candidates have to select according to their need, and urgent document attestation will also take 7 to 10 days for scrutiny like through courier anyhow after scrutiny they will go to the HEC office and attest them.

Attestation through courier
Attestation walk-in (in case of urgent)

  • In this article, we will proceed with attestation through courier one.
  • Select from where you are sending documents (Inside or outside Pakistan)
  • Also, select where you live in which district of Pakistan if you are inside Pakistan of you outside Pakistan then HEC will lock the regional center which is Islamabad
  • Mention if you have any disability in Yes or No

Degrees for Attestation:

  • This step is related to a fee for attestation degrees, each document is a 1000 attestation fee for the original one while a copy fee is 700 PKR.
  • Candidates have to add only numbers of how many degrees/ transcripts/ provisional certificates/ equivalent certificates wanted to attest if they wanted to attest only original ones they have to select 1 each in the original section, if they also want to attest copies they also have to add the number of copies they wanted to attest.
Attestation fee Sample

Upload Documents:

  • In the next and final step upload documents that are mentioned on HEC Website. The uploading will depend upon the number of documents you are going to attest
  • if you are going to attest original documents then you have to upload only the original of the following,
  • or if you are going to attest only copies then you have to upload both the original and copies of the following same goes for the original and copies attestation simultaneously
  • Make sure to upload only one document against each transcript and degree (If one document has more than one page, please upload it in a single consolidated file).
  • CNIC Front
  • CNIC Back
  • Matriculation
  • Intermediate
  • Bachelor’s
  • Master’s
Uploading of documents original+copies

Verify details:

Submit the documents and deposit the challan form of the required fee and then submit the application fee for initial Scrutiny.

Initial Scrutiny:

  • HEC will take 7 to 10 days for initial scrutiny of your application form
  • If your application form has no error then they will ask you to send the documents that you are wanted and upload them on the portal at the official address
  • No need to send extra forms only the required ones.

Verification details:

  • You will get an email after 7 o 10 days that your documents got scrutinized and now you have to send your documents via TCS to the official HEC Address
  • Upload TCS receipt for documents attestation on the portal
  • TCS Receipt will look like this
TCS Receipt

Email contains the information about dos and dont, which documents you have to send to Higher Education Commission

Returning of your documents:

HEC after attesting to your documents will send them to your official home address that is mentioned on the official website.

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How to lodge a complaint:

  • Customer support is said initial scrutiny will take 7 days anyhow you have to wait for 10 to 15 days if not urgent, after 15 days you have to generate a complaint on the ticket system of HEC against your reference number and add a screenshot of your final step where you submit the application form and deposit fee then they will scrutinize your application earlier or at least tell you the discrepancy.
How to Lodge a complaint

Ticket System of HEC

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