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The London School of Economics LSE Free Online Courses

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The London School of Economics and Political Science LSE is offering a wide range of free online courses to students from all over the world free of cost. Candidates can learn from the vast knowledge that LSE is delivering free of cost through the online platform EDx. The London School of Economics and Political Science has a vision that candidates can learn and get maximum knowledge from these online courses and brighten their future free of cost. Knowledge has no boundaries that’s why EDx is giving opportunities to learners from all over the world to learn with any qualification and geographical background.

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The London School of Economics LSE is one of the leading universities of the world and it is famous for its specialization in Economics and Political Science. . LSE’s expertise spans a wide range of disciplines from economics, politics, and law, to sociology, health policy, accounting, and finance. Not only it is focusing on the Economics and political sciences LSE is investing in the different ideas of people from all over the world to make it interesting for future generations and make it helpful for them. LSE is highly involved in the research and development.

LSE’s online courses make it available for everyone and its programs make it recognized globally with easy accessibility. Just candidates have a good internet connection and mobile phone/ laptop etc. Candidates just need to learn consistently for better learning and knowledge.


OrganizationThe London School of Economics and Political Science
ProgramFree Online Courses
Mode of teachingOnline
GenderNo Preference
Training startNo specific time limit
Ageno limit
short details

List of available courses:

LSE is offering the following free online courses through EdX:

Mathematics and Statistics
Intercultural Communication
Pre University Mathematics
Statistics Fundamental


The London School of Economics  free online courses will be beneficial for the candidates in the following ways:

  • These courses are online you do not need to go to the specific institute for learning purposes
  • Courses are totally free candidates don’t need to pay any penny for learning purposes
  • On successful completion, you will get certificates for a minimal fee
  • LSEx Online courses are self-paced you are not bound to any specific time for learning
  • Candidates will be able to get the most latest knowledge about relevant subjects or fields
  • A close touch with London Top University
  • Future exposure after getting a digital certificate
  • Network opportunities with people of other cultures

Eligibility Criteria:

There are the following eligibility criteria for the London School of Economics Free online courses:

  • There are no specific prerequisites required for LSEx Online courses
  • Candidates can apply with any geographical background
  • Candidates with any qualification background can learn from it
  • Candidates must have the motive and dedication to learn these online courses
  • Candidates must have a computer/ laptop or any accessible device
  • Candidates must have a good internet connection

Video transcripts:

Video transcripts and language of The London School of Economics and Political Science’s online course are totally in English for the easy understanding of the candidates.


If candidates purchase The London School of Economics and Political Science Online courses’ certificate for a minimal fee then they will be awarded E-certificates that can be used in the future in their professional degree.

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The duration of LSE’x free online courses is 1 to 6 weeks with 4 to 6 hours per week.

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Self Paced:

These online courses that are offered by the LSE through Edx are self-paced candidates are able to learn according to their own time schedule there are no boundaries or time limitations for these courses.

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How to Enroll:

There is a very easy process to enroll in the London School of Economics free online courses:

  • Candidates need to sign up for the registration portal at EdX
  • Add email address and other basic information
  • Then choose the course of your choice
  • Start Learning free online courses
  • Get a certificate for a minimum fee

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