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METI Japan Internship Program 2024

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One of the great opportunities is awaiting the graduates who wanted to get some hands-on experience in Professional and Practical life. The Ministry of Economics Trade and Industry of Japan has announced a splendid opportunity for students who wanted to explore Japan by doing 4 hours per day internship Program. Yes METI Japan is looking for energetic and professional candidates who can be suitable for the different companies in Japan as an intern.

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Candidates who have full skills and knowledge about their field and is from the list of eligible countries are more encouraged to apply for the Japan Internship program. Not only METI is recruiting interns but also looking for companies who will be hiring these interns and will consider themselves in top organizational departments. METI has started accepting applications for the internships program for the Academic year 2023.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is currently recruiting interns for the “JAPAN Internship Program,” which aims to facilitate the internationalization of Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the utilization of highly skilled global talent.
.Candidates who are eligible for METI internships are Foreign students residing in Japan including current and former graduates or Foreign Students Participation who meet the eligibility, and Foreign human resources with advanced skills who are nationals of developing countries (countries on the OECD/DAC list) (excluding the People’s Republic of China) can apply for the internship program.

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OrganizationMinistry of Economics Trade and Industry
CoverageFully funded
Qualificationsno preference
Eligible countriesmultiple
Ageno prefrence

Internship Program:

METI is offered two internships during one academic year:

  • Summer Internship
  • Winter Internships

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Internship Styles:

This year, METI will offer internships that can be chosen from the following three courses. If there is a second recruitment, courses 1 and 2 will be two terms, resulting in a total of five courses.

  • Commuting Internships
  • Visiting Internships
  • Online Internships

Financial Benefits:

The following benefits will be covered by the government of Japan for interns:

  • Visiting expenses to visit Japan
  • Insurance will be covered
  • Communication devices such as mobile, Laptops, etc will be provided

No of Interns:

A total of 200 interns will be selected for METI Internship Program 2023.

Eligibility Criteria:

Candidates must meet the following eligibility criteria for the METI internship:

  • Candidates must be from the eligible countries
  • Graduate candidates must have graduating certificates
  • Having language proficiency in Japanese or in English (Business Level)
  • Being able to attend pre and post orientation
  • Candidates must have to work 4 hours a day and 5 days in a week during the internship
  • Understanding the purpose of this program and having the will to contribute to the host company’s activities with his/her skill and knowledge
  • If candidates have already participated internship they are not eligible for it
  • Candidates must be able to follow the instruction of JIP office and the host company.


The duration of the METI internship program is about 2 months and the exact months varies from the course that the company selected for the interns.


For Summer internships the deadlines are n between May to late June
For Winter Internships deadlines are August to Late September

How to Apply:

Interns will have to follow the following steps for the METI internship Programs:

  • or those who want to apply for this project, we would like everyone to register a new account from the website below.
  • Please click the link below and create your account from the SIGN UP(Free) button. It takes around 10 mins to fill up all your information.
  • After registering your account, please open the official page again with logged in, then click the Apply Status and the Apply.
  • Put all the information correct
  • for more details, you can visit the embassy of Japan in your country

Click here to Apply for METI Internship Program

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