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Stanford Free Online Courses| Apply Now

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In the online era, a lot of people wanted to learn skills that will be beneficial in digital. For this purpose, Stanford brings an opportunity for students who wanted to learn something extraordinary. Stanford online courses are not just like ordinary courses they include three levels of learning

  • Preview
  • Graduate Level
  • Masters Level

It also doesn’t include any typical courses which already created saturation it the market it includes many significant courses like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and many others. Candidates who wanted to learn something out of the box are encouraged to apply for it. These courses have been taught by various online platforms like Coursera, Edx, etc. Candidates with any educational and geographical background can apply and enroll in them. Candidates must search in details about these courses before applying for it.


InstituteStanford Online
Available FieldsNumerous
Duration4 to 10 weeks
Completion of courseSelf Paced
short details

List of Available Courses:

  • Cyber Security
  • Innovation and Design Thinking
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Transformation
  • Health and Medicine
  • Environment and Energy
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
  • Information Security
  • Introduction to internet Things


Stanford is giving an opportunity to candidates learn online as a complete degree at the end of the courses they will be provided transcripts and official certificates and for this fee may apply and it varies from course to course how courses without certificates can be done free of cost and in such courses candidates’ performance will not be preview and they will be provided four 10 weeks course online.


The duration of Stanford online courses varies according to each course, how courses last for 4 to 8 weeks with 2 to 3 hours of study per week.


Online courses are free of cost anyhow candidates will get certificates at the end of each course that will be for a minimal fee.


Stanford free online courses are free of costs as well as self-paced which means candidates can learn with their own time schedule.

Advantages of courses:

  • Applicants can learn 100% online with no need for specific time commitment all is online candidates can learn in their free time.
  • Candidates can qualify for further academic positions like ISC certifications
  • Teaching and mentoring by Stanford faculty and leader of the industry.
  • Stanford courses are free of cost no need to pay any fee
  • Candidates with any educational background can apply for it
  • Candidates of any nationality can apply for it

How to Apply:

No need to apply more complicated methods just sign up via an online platform

  • Your First name
  • Your second Name
  • Your email address

And you will learn about free-of-cost programs that are needed in today’s era.

Apply and Register Now for Standford Online Courses

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