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University of Toronto Canada Free Online courses

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The University of Toronto offers a variety of free online courses through its Open Learning platform. These courses cover a range of disciplines including business, computer science, humanities, health, and social sciences. The courses are designed to enhance learning and provide practical skills and knowledge to learners worldwide. The courses are flexible and self-paced, which means that learners can complete the coursework at their own convenience. Learners can access course material, videos, readings, and assessments for free. The courses offer shared learning opportunities with learners from different backgrounds and countries. The courses are available in multiple languages, and they don’t require previous experience or prerequisites. Whether learners are looking to advance their careers, boost their resume, or explore new fields of interest, the University of Toronto’s free online courses is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to learn something new.

 U of T is partnering with Coursera and EdX to pilot new open web-based courses and create new opportunities for hands-on learning in the classroom, These online courses will enhance the skill power of the candidates and they will be able to choose the right skills for them.


ProgramOnline Courses
InstituteThe University of Toronto
GenderNo preference
QualificationsNo Prerequisite
No of SeatsMultiple
Ageno limitation
Enrollment StartedAny time
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List of Courses:

The following courses are offered by the University of Toronto in Canada:

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  1. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
  2. Introduction to Psychology
  3. The Science of Well-Being
  4. Indigenous Canada
  5. Understanding Dementia
  6. Mind Control: Managing Your Mental Health During COVID-19
  7. English Grammar and Style
  8. Calculus One
  9. Introduction to International Criminal Law
  10. Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code.
  11. Leadership Skills
  12. Foundation of Originator and Biosimilar
  13. Quantum Machine and Learning
  14. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals
  15. Introduction to Data Science in Python
  16. Introduction to Philosophy
  17. English for Business and Entrepreneurship
  18. Arts and Science
  19. Bioinformatics
  20. Corporation tools

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Benefits of U of T Free Online Courses:

There are many benefits of enrolling in University of Toronto Online Courses:

  • Candidates can get free access to market-demanding courses in different fields of life like business, technology, psychology, etc.
  • Candidates will get a chance to study from the curriculum of one of the top universities of Canada
  • Candidates can learn at any time without any limitations on time, they can adjust the time of these courses according to their own schedule
  • Candidates can get vast knowledge of their practical and professional careers.
  • If candidates get their certificate from U of T it will be beneficial in their CV and they can use it in their practical life.

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University of Toronto Canada is offering these courses free of cost via the EdX and Coursera platform, anyhow if the candidate wants to get a certificate from the University of Toronto Canada then they have to pay a minimum fee for that relevant course.

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No specific prerequisites are required for the Univesity of Toronto Canada free online Courses anyhow in some courses it is better to have some basic knowledge about the subject.

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Video Transcripts:

One of the best features for the ease of the candidates is that, instead of other languages, the Univesity of Toronto Canada is introducing language and video transcripts of these free online courses purely in English.

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The duration of these courses is 6 to 8 weeks with 8 to 9 hours per week of credit hours.

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Application Procedure:

The online courses of the University of Toronto are taught on EdX and Coursera platforms that’s why candidates enroll themselves in them and then apply for the BrekelyX online courses.

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