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Alison Free Online Courses|Free Certificates and Diplomas

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ALISON is an Irish online education platform that offers a wide range of online courses. ALISON is extensively involved to facilitate candidates from all over the world in the different educational platforms, teaches workplace skills, and explores new interests that provide certificate courses and accredited diploma courses. It was founded on 21 April 2007 in Galway, Ireland, by an Irish social entrepreneur.

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Over the past 15 years, more than 30 million students got facilitated through ALISON online courses and diplomas. ALISON gives benefits to the candidates to explore more than 4000 free online courses. there are people all over the world, from the USA to India, who are improving their lives with free learning. That’s quite an impact, but ALISON free courses aim to do even more. Their goal is to become the largest education certifier in the world that provides certificates free of cost.

Now the question comes what is the benefit of getting free certificates either it is beneficial in professional and practical life, in this scenario according to ALISON stats it is stated that ” With more and more employers hiring Alison graduates every year, we’re well on our way”.Complete details and a list of courses are given below.


ProgramOnline Courses
Mode of LearningOnline
GenderNo Preference
Training startNo specific time limit
Ageno limit
Short details

List of Certificate Courses:

ALISON is offering free online courses in the following Subjects:

  • Health Sciences
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Education and training
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Finance
  • Agricultural, food, and Natural Resources
  • Human Service
  • Government and Public Administration
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Law, Public Safety, correction, and Security
  • Personal Development & Soft Skills

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List of Diploma Courses:

ALISON is providing diploma courses in the following subjects:

  • Diploma in Business & Legal Studies
  • Diploma in Environmental Science
  • Diploma in Human Resources
  • Diploma in Mathematics
  • Diploma in Outdoor & Physical Education Studies
  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing
  • Diploma in Web Business Development & Marketing
  • Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Diploma in General Science
  • Diploma in Legal studies
  • Diploma in Multimedia Development
  • Diploma in Project Management
  • Diploma in Social Work Studies
  • Diploma in Web Development
  • Diploma in English Language & Literature
  • Diploma in Health Studies
  • Diploma in Manufacturing & Product Design
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • Diploma in Statistics
  • Diploma in Workplace Safety & Health

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About Alison Online Courses:

These free online education courses will teach candidates from all over the world, everything they need to know about getting educated online, from learning techniques to platforms, services, and self-motivation. With more and more of the world coming online every day the demand for online learning grows every day. If you’re looking to learn about getting an education online these free online courses are the best way to learn.

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Anyone can access ALISON online courses for free, without any registration or enrollment requirements.

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All of the ALISON online courses are in multi-languages that are in English, Spanish, French, and many others. Any how mostly transcripts of these courses in video and written form are in English.

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With over 6 million graduates, Alison is one of the world’s largest certifying organizations. ALISON’s innovative approach to accreditation enables anyone to certify and verify their learning on any subject at almost any level for free.

Accreditation by CDP UK:

Due to ALISON’s rigorous publishing review process, courses on Alison are now being accredited by CPD UK, an independent organization. Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks, and the learning value has been scrutinized to ensure integrity and quality. This CPD Certification Service provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

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Non-Institutional Skills Training from Professionals:

Alison’s aim is to create universal standards of education and learning on every subject at every level without discrimination of nationality, race, or religion. Alison works with subject matter experts (SMEs) from education, business, industry, and government agencies, on every subject for which it publishes content. These experienced professionals use their applied knowledge to create the courses on the ALISON platform, then they open up these courses to the world for free. This direct connection between the skilled and the upskilling allows ALISON to speedily develop new courses and update existing courses in a fast-moving world where knowledge isn’t static. Above all, it enables us to provide free access to the study of subjects to anyone who wishes to learn.

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Claim a Certificate:

After hands-on assignments and assessment tests, candidates will be eligible to claim certificates from ALISON.  You can save or print a free version telling you that you have passed the course, what the course covered, and by what percentage you passed, as well as your certification number.

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The duration of these courses varies from course to course, anyhow the maximum duration is 10 to 15 hours for each course.

Course format:

Each course at ALISON is generally self-paced and offered asynchronously, which means you can complete activities and assignments on your own time. However, some courses do have specific start and end dates.


ALISON’s free online courses provide course materials such as lecture notes, assignments, exams, and video lectures, and at the end Assessment test, and quizzes will be taken by the organization for the self-actualization of the candidates.

Advantages of MIT Courses:

Candidates can get the following advantages after learning from the ALISON free online courses and diplomas in different subjects:

  • Modern learning environment
  • they Can dig into modern technologies and modern-day knowledge
  • The great exposure of market
  • Innovative and research purposes ideas
  • If you get certificates it will be a golden value in your CV.

How to Apply:

Candidates must sign up with their google/ Facebook or LinkedIn account and start learning on ALISON.

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