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United Nations Online Volunteer Program 2024

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The United Nations Volunteer Program is the greatest achievement of the UN in making the youth more skillful and trained according to the demands of modern-era technologies. United Nations has announced multiple skillful programs for candidates who want to learn something extraordinary. UN Volunteer Programs are online, Volunteers can learn multiple Projects at any time and anywhere. These Programs will enable candidates from all over the world to stand for themselves and do something extraordinary. Different Assignments will be assigned to the volunteers and they will be able to do those assignments for the given duration. Only a few hours in the week are required from them for the given task.

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After the Pandemic when COVID-19 hit globally, United Nations offered an online Platform named Unified Volunteer Platform in which youth work and learn voluntarily to overcome the aftereffects of COVID-19. Hundreds of Volunteers have registered themselves to learn for a variety of tasks and 60% of these Volunteers are from developing countries. Duration of the assignments varies depending upon the tasks assigned to the Volunteer if it requires more attention or work then the task will take more time to work efficiently. join WHO online Courses free of cost

Volunteers can learn from various courses offered by the UVP Unified Volunteer Platform. Through these courses, youth can polish their skills which can be beneficial for them in the future. UVP offers these courses to individuals and organizations whose vision and Mission align with the United Nations can join this platform and understand the demands of the modern era. These programs are not only for the specific group of organizations or individuals but also learners from different fields or professions like designers, writers, developers, and teachers, can join the Unified Volunteer Platform.

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OrganizationUnited Nations
ProgramUnited Nations Volunteer Platform
GenderNo Preference
SkillsRelevant to Project
Project start DateInvalid Date
Ageno limit
Short details

Eligibility Criteria:

  • United Nations Volunteer Programs are for all nationals from all over the world
  • Volunteers from any age group can join
  • Individuals have no academic or gender Preference
  • Volunteers must have skills according to the Assignment assigned to them
  • Volunteers must have good English communication skills
  • Volunteers can select the assignment or tasks according to their skills and expertise
  • Online Volunteer Programs are also available to multiple UN Partners organizations

You can learn online courses from the top 20 international institutes

UN Program benefits:

The following benefits will be provided the the candidates for the UVP online Projects:

  • Volunteers will be able to do their relevant projects online
  • No application or fee is required
  • No traveling process complications volunteers can do tasks at their home
  • Volunteers will be able to do projects under different organizations of the World
  • They can get hands-on experience with their skills which will be beneficial in the future


The duration of the assignments vary from task to task anyhow the minimum duration of the assignment is one week while the maximum will be of 12 weeks.

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How to Apply:

The Application process of the UN Volunteer Projects is online:

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  • Register or sign up at the official UVP Website
  • Add basic information and register yourself
  • Choose the assignment or task according to your skill set and
  • Start working on it

Apply Online

Official Website

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