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UNESCO ICT Prize in Education 2024

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The UNESCO ICT Prize in Education is inviting applications for its UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize Program for the use of ICT in education and multiple other projects. This year UNESCO ICT has a theme of digital learning of greening education. UNESCO ICT Prize in education is funded by the Kindom of Bahrain and it was established in 2005. The 2023 edition of the UNESCO ICT in Education Prize is dedicated to the theme “Digital learning for greening education”. It aims to surface and maximize the impact of best practices in leveraging digital technologies to develop competencies and forge an active commitment to sustainable development among learners.

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UNESCO ICT always encourages the use of technologies to promote the multiple projection of ideas that are involved in contributing to the improvement of learning, teaching, and overall education process within the digital age.

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Candidates who will remain under the topic and provide the most understandable projection of the given projects will be able to get an ICT Prize in education. UNESCO ICT will award a $25000 annual prize for two innovative projects that use digital technologies to enhance teaching, learning, and overall education performance. There is no limitation of any nationalities, gender, or race to apply for the most innovative projects of UNESCO Kingdom of Bahrain. Candidates who will meet the requirements can get the award of $25000. Individuals, Institutions, or nongovernment organizations who have innovative ideas in the given projects or themes.

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  • Country: Bahrain/ France/ Online
  • Coverage: Paid
  • Eligible Entities: Individuals, government entities, Institution

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Themes for 2023:

The UNESCO ICT Prize in Education 2023 has the following theme :

  • Digital Learning for Greening Education

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Who can Apply:

  • Individuals
  • institutions
  • non-governmental organizations or other entities.

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Eligiblity Criteria:

  • Be relevant to the theme of the year
  • The project should be ongoing for at least 1 year
  • The project and its organization should not be affiliated with UNESCO or receive any funding from UNESCO
  • The project should be public and free of charge 

Selection Criteria:

  • Appropriateness of digital solutions: The project is backed by needs assessment and applies fit-for-purpose technologies to provide safe, inclusive, and robust tools 
  • Pedagogy innovation: The project adopts pedagogical methodologies adapted for climate education to facilitate digital learning and learner engagement 
  • Inclusion and equity: The project should advance inclusion and equity in education while taking into account marginalized groups, minorities, and learners with different abilities 
  • Evidence of impact: The project should provide evidence of impact on learners reached and pre-set learning outcomes 
  • Potential for replicability and scalability: The project should show evidence that it can be replicated in other contexts or have the potential to further optimize and scale its impact 

Who can Nominate:

The following organization will nominate the final candidates:

  • States of UNESCO, via their National Commissions, and Non‑Governmental Organizations(NGOs) in official partnership with UNESCO can make up to3 nominations.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted

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Financial Coverage:

Selected candidates will get the $25000 annually award for the UNESCO ICT prize in education
UNESCO will select the two projects annually:


All submissions should be done in English or French for the UNESCO ICT in the Education prize and nominated by 5th February 2024.

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How to Apply:

Candidates need to apply for the UNESCO ICT Prize in education online for the academic year 2023:

  • Fill out the online application form
  • Put in all the details correctly
  • Sumbit it online and wait for the result of jury

Click here to apply Online for UNESCO ICT Prize in Education 2023

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